Interest in Pole fitness/Pole dancing is growing year on year.
Loft1 has set the goal of bringing the world’s best pole dancers to Switzerland for the Swiss Pole Show. The Swiss Pole Show is an event which encourages women and men to acquire self-esteem and a healthy lifestyle, through physical and emotional fitness and well-being on the pole.
At the Swiss Pole Show, Pole fitness enthusiasts come together from all over Europe to share the newest trends and ideas.
You will find the latest trends in the field at the Swiss Pole Show. Pole fitness, Pole dance, Pole sport, Pole shows, Pole dancing outfits, Poles, Pole grips and much more.

Meet the world’s best pole performers at Swiss poles show and show their unique performances in a spektakülären show on the stage.


Swiss Pole Show supports the worldwide activities of World Vision Switzerland and we share its vision of A WORLD FOR CHILDREN.

1.2 billion people are living in extreme poverty. 66 million girls are missing out on school education. World Vision Switzerland has been committed to these underprivileged people for over 30 years. Together with the child welfare organisation Swiss Pole Show supports and stands in for a world in which children may grow up healthy and protected.

For each ticket sold, we donate 5 Swiss francs to World Vision Switzerland.

Would you like to make an instant donation to benefit underprivileged children, their families and communities? Click here: http://www.worldvision.ch/wie-sie-helfen-koennen/
Thank you on behalf of the children of this world!

More information about Worldvision: www.worldvision.ch